Psychic Earth Day is a Celebration to Our Planetary Nurturing Mother

Psychic Earth Day is a Celebration to our Planetary Nurturing Mother Psychic Earth Day 22nd of April is the date the global community celebrates our beloved planet. Established almost three decades ago, Earth Day reminds us of the importance our home plays in our lives. Unless a scien

The Spiritual Gift of Sex Has Divine Power

The Spiritual Gift of Sex Has Divine Power As spiritual beings inhabiting physical bodies, sex is one of the greatest gifts given to us by the Creator. It is the ultimate expression of bonding love and intimacy between lovers. In addition, it provides an opportunity for spiritual grow

Healing Through Acknowledging Our Inner Child

Once we grow up into our adult lives it is unfortunate that we let go of a lot of our childhood qualities. Innocence, curiosity, joy and silliness are often times left behind and traded for a more mundane living style.  Do you remember who you were as a child? Who was that little girl

Visualization and the Law of Attraction

Have you experienced an instance where you desire for something and after a period of time, somehow you happen to have exactly what you desired? Well, it is not just miracle, there is an explanation to it and you can use it more powerfully to achieve more. The miracle behind the above

Western Approach to Spirituality

Western Approach to Spirituality It is common to hear the word “dual” and “nondual” in spiritual circles. These words are broad in essence, because of its multi reference point and can only be clearly defined within the context that it is used. Dualism is the o

Spiritual Healing of Thoughts

Spiritual Healing of Thoughts All of man’s challenges and difficulties arise from mistaking illusions for reality. Most of us have developed a mindset that happiness, fulfillment, and prosperity lies outside ourselves.  Our internal dialogue runs endlessly, judging ourselves and other

Psychic Healer Self Healing with Dance

Psychic Healer Self Healing with Dance Make a date with your inner “spiritual healer” dancing.  Dance…Dance…Dance… and increase the frequency of your vibrations. Become your own spiritual healer. Dancing is the oldest and most elementary form of spiritual expression;


 UNWANTED THOUGHTS Why is it difficult to stop thinking? why we are constantly hunted by unwanted thoughts?

Healing Energy of Crystals

 Healing Energy of Crystals – Gemstones Precious and semi-precious stones, such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, tourmaline, amethyst, lapis lazuli, opals, topaz, crystals and many others, typically are appreciated and worn for their aesthetic beauty.   While many are not aware of