How to Let Go of the Past with a Psychic Reader

  How to Let Go of the Past There is one thing about the past that is true. If you would allow yourself to remember the past all over and over again, you will feel imprisoned. You have been hurt and you honestly do not know how you are going to move on and let go. The emotional p

Intuition Development

Are you looking for a place to start your spiritual awareness or just a psychic training for intuition development? If yes, then you are in the right place. This article is written for a true beginner or a person with only the basic information on psychic. If you are, a beginner, this

Out of Body Experience

   Out of Body Experience Emotions and Beliefs play a major part in your health and well-being Out of Body Experience or Astral Travel can be achieved with meditation or other altered states of consciousness and the “near-death experiences”  are OBE. This is when we &

Changing your Beliefs

Changing your Beliefs  For a belief to have an impact in your life, you have to repeat it to yourself over and over again. Beliefs seem like they are second nature, but they are only thoughts, that can be very problematic when they are confused with the truth.  Metaphysical Healing na