Relationship Texting as Part of a New Belief System is a Main Challenge

Relationship Texting as Part of a New Belief System is a Main Challenge We live in the 21st century, a time unlike any other that humanity has witnessed so far. If our ancestors were to cast a glance upon us to see what we are about, they would be mightily surprised at all the change

Relationship Belief System

 Relationship Belief System Gender – Relationship Belief System  Our gender is an integral part of our physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and psychic being. As soon as we are born, our parents proudly proclaim us a girl or a boy and we are immediately directed one way

Mother is your Intuitive Counselor, because Mother is your psychic!

Mother is your Intuitive Counselor, because your Mother is psychic! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY ON MAY 13TH. Happy Mother’s Day! It is a well-known fact that a mother’s love is something that you cannot replicate nor compensate for through anything else in the world. A matern

How to Strengthen Father – Daughter Relationships

As a father, you know that you love all of your children but you may feel more at ease hanging out and playing around with your sons. This is natural because it is easier to find things in common with your sons than your daughters. There is also a possibility that you are a bit intimi

Intuitive Reading

Intuitive reading is one of the vital requirements for healthy living. Intuitive and psychic operate at the same level, but the difference is that while psychic have to translate/process the insight received on the psychic plane into meaning at the real life, intuitive get a flash ins

Emotions versus Motivation

EMOTIONS versus MOTIVATION Emotions represent drive states – they fuel our actions producing motivation.  E-motion in other words energy to produce motion. Having the root syllable “mot” the same as motivation – motor and more – by consequence emotions are all about