Spiritual Healing of Thoughts

spiritual healing

spiritual healing

All of man’s challenges and difficulties arise from mistaking illusions for reality. Most of us have developed a mindset that happiness, fulfillment, and prosperity lies outside ourselves.  Our internal dialogue runs endlessly, judging ourselves and others when our circumstances fail to bear fruit of what we interpret as success.  A life time of judgment, both from others and ourselves, takes on a life of its own, and for most of us, it becomes our identity.

We have become strangers to our own thoughts, emotions, and feelings.  For most of us, we either identify ourselves with these inner energies, we judge them, or we avoid them.   Some people feel guilty for how they feel or think and carry the shame with them all their lives, while others fear connecting with their inner world, and they engage in addictive behaviors or violence.  We all want to be happy, and we all want to avoid pain; all our beliefs and behaviors are oriented to toward this outcome.

Everything we have ever experienced, or will ever experience, is a creation of our own consciousness.  It is consciousness that breaths through all phenomena.  Our thoughts, our emotions, our feelings, our perceptions, and our physical body itself are the manifestations of consciousness. In this respect, there is no distinction between us and the universe itself. We are in the universe and the universe is within us. It is like a drop of water from the ocean; the drop is contained in the ocean and yet the ocean is contained in the drop.

It is only when we develop both the compassion and courage to become silent and observe our inner world with curiosity, instead of judgment, that we can start to reclaim our true identity.  This inner observation can be enhanced through spiritual practices such as meditation, chanting, yoga, or just being in nature.  This is the meaning of spiritual healing, to be become aware to all that is within us and all that is around us, while embracing it all.


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