Once we grow up into our adult lives it is unfortunate that we let go of a lot of our childhood qualities. Innocence, curiosity, joy and silliness are often times left behind and traded for a more mundane living style.  Do you remember who you were as a child? Who was that little girl or boy that you used to be? That little child is still inside of you!  Were there things done or said to you in your childhood that still bring you a great deal of pain? You need to acknowledge the child in you. Some people have suffered from emotional or physical abuse and they trap these awful situations inside of them in turn stunting their growth on a psychosocial  and emotional ,spiritual level.


               If you are still hurting over things that have happened to your in childhood, as painful as it may be you have to revisit that place in a safe space. Allow those negative things to rise and feel them .You should do this alone where you can speak out loud what you want to say to the little you.  When we speak things out loud we release them into the universe and we release them from our psyche and storage centers in our bodies. So just speaking on these things is like lifting a weight from our shoulders.

Tell your inner child what you think it needs to hear to heal. Whether that is,” I’m sorry you were treated that way” “You are perfect the way you are” “I love you little girl/boy” whatever you need to tell this child to make it feel better. Make sure your words are genuine and real. Below are two exercises to accompany this healing process.



Inner child visualization:

Sit or lie down in a quiet place where you can dedicate some alone time to yourself.

Light candles or incense and if possible include a scent that will remind you of childhood.

Close your eyes and take 3 large deep belly breaths to relax yourself.

In your mind’s eye begin to visualize yourself (the adult you) Walking into A time capsule of some sort to transport you back in time to your childhood.

Bring yourself all the way back to a familiar setting that you can remember.

Stepping out of your capsule look around and remember the scene like you never left.

Touch and feel things and enjoy this process.

Find your inner child in this setting and call out to her/him

See the child running over playfully to you. Welcome the child with open loving arms.

In this moment feel the two of you bond and connect.

Take the time now to hold their hand and tell them all of the things that you wanted. Let the child release all of these childhood traumas to you and console the child through it. Offer the child validation and love.

Whenever you feel that the time is up and you are ready to return. Take 3 deep breaths once again to settle the energy.

Hug then child once again and tell it that you will be back to visit.

Find your way back to your Time capsule and leave.

Once you are fully back out of meditative state, journal the experience so that you can remember it for the rest of your healing process.

You may also like to build a small altar to your inner child.

Add pictures from your child hood, toys and candies that you enjoyed as a kid. Honor this part of your energy. Laugh, dance and be goofy, let the child in you run free for a little no matter how old you are!


Bea Kobran

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