Forgiveness-Relationship Healing

Forgiveness for relationship healing with psychic awareness.

forgiveness-relationship healing with psychic awareness

forgiveness-relationship healing with psychic awareness

Letting go of our past resentments is one of the hardest experience one can ever experience. Regardless of how hard it may be, a process known as forgiveness works tremendously towards freedom from the past. Understand that letting go does not necessarily mean forgetting a wrongful action or even excusing the fact that it was painful. It essence and its simplicity, it means letting go of our human survival instinct to hurt the back or strike back or mockingly to wish as much a suffering experience on the other person.

Forgiveness for relationship healing with psychic awareness.

In due course, we chose to forgive due to its impact particularly on the state of our body and mind. Even though revenge may be our body and mind’s instinctive survival mode- in which case, fear becomes the governing emotion with the body closing down on any consultations with our hearts and high intellects- revenge is never associated with our body’s highest directives to meaningfully connect. Nevertheless, whenever compassion becomes the governing emotion, our minds and bodies will eventually operate as one.

Dr. King, in one of his writings wrote ‘he who is devoid of the power to forgive, is devoid of the power love’.

Something amazing about forgiveness is that it releases the power to love within the confines of acceptance. This allows our mind and body to be psychologically reinstated to their natural state of a restored balance where compassion becomes the governing emotion, the mind and body operating as one whether fear shows up or not.

On the other hand, being quick to forgive may not be genuine forgiveness given that it eludes the burden of reconciliation on person who acted hurtfully towards us. The best we can do is to provide them with an environment where they can do whatever is in their highest interest by taking full responsibility of their wrongs and make possible amends in the attempt to restore a sour relationship.

Deep down our hearts, a refusal to express forgiveness may have a positive underlying intention. It may be a deep yearning for empathy from the person who inflicted pain by hurting us and a desire for them to embark on the highest and most warming road in healing the relationship. This is in order to restore our individual ability to heal and love again, which will only result from a genuine change of heart, and to be more specific, a consequent of finally coming to deeply see, feel and recognize the pain caused by their action and then finally ask for forgiveness. They also should express a genuine openness to undertake whatever action necessary to make amendments.

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