Tarot Cards Modern Psychology Link

Tarot Cards Modern Psychology Link Tarot Cards Modern Psychology Link Have you ever wondered how those Tarot card interpretations were derived? If you take a closer look particularly at the ones that are commonly used by Tarot readers of today, you’ll be amazed with the similarities t

The Moon #18 Tarot

THE MOON # 18 TAROT – MAJOR ARCANA   The Moon # 18 Tarot Reading interpretation Associated with # 18 – element WATER – sign Cancer  Childhood memories of home & family– feminine receptive energy and the subconscious mind. The Moon #18 tarot reading interpret

The Devil # 15 Tarot

THE DEVIL #15 – MAJOR ARCANA Associate with element Earth, # 15, Planet Saturn and Sign Capricorn – This is the image of materialism and physical existence. The Devil #15 is a great pretender; he knows how to make the most of first impression- as well how to intimidate his

TEMPERANCE #14 Tarot – Major Arcana

TEMPERANCE #14 – MAJOR ARCANA Associated with # 14 – Element FIRE – Planet Jupiter – Sign Sagittarius – Reconciliation With Temperance showing in a tarot reading- patience- moderation and balance are now in your life. You have learned to keep calm in situations of great st

The Justice # 11 tarot

THE JUSTICE #11 – MAJOR ARCANA Associate with #11 – Element AIR – Sign Libra – Planet Venus Karma and the Law of Cause and Effect There is a need to be fair and just when you see the Justice tarot card in a reading. When everyone is ‘playing fair’ and adhering to the

The Emperor # 4 Tarot

THE EMPEROR # 4 – MAJOR ARCANA The Emperor # 4 Associated with # 4 – Element Fire – Sign ARIES – Planet MARS Control of the mind over the heart Aries rules the head, which means that authority requires a good headed personality. The Emperor # 4 is powerful and willful, he rules

The Empress # 3 Tarot

THE EMPRESS #3 – MAJOR ARCANA Associated with # 3 – Planet VENUS – Element EARTH Tarot reading interpretation for The Empress is associated with planet Venus is the archetypal Mother Nature, the Demeter, the feminine principle, and the goddess of fertility. Empress i

The High Priestess # 2 Tarot

THE HIGH PRIESTESS #2 – MAJOR ARCANA Associated with # 2 _ Planet MOON – Element WATER The High Priestess #2 card is also referred to as Persephone in the Greek Mythology and Artemis Goddess of chastity and virginity, Corn Maiden in the American Indian legend of the Goddes

The Magician # 1 Tarot

THE MAGICIAN #1 – MAJOR ARCANA The Magician is a card associated with # 1, the sign GEMINI, Planet MERCURY_ Element AIR Tarot reading interpretation for The Magician Tarot # 1  is one of  Logic- intellect and versatility. Any glimpse of inspiration or higher knowledge is brought