Spiritual Assets

Spiritual assets   Often, we hear people talk on and on (and on and on and on) about their material assets, their real estate, their portfolios, their bank accounts, their cars and expensive clothes and all other aspects of finance and property. They will boast of their achieveme

Tarot Cards Modern Psychology Link

Tarot Cards Modern Psychology Link Tarot Cards Modern Psychology Link Have you ever wondered how those Tarot card interpretations were derived? If you take a closer look particularly at the ones that are commonly used by Tarot readers of today, you’ll be amazed with the similarities t

The Moon #18 Tarot

THE MOON # 18 TAROT – MAJOR ARCANA   The Moon # 18 Tarot Reading interpretation Associated with # 18 – element WATER – sign Cancer  Childhood memories of home & family– feminine receptive energy and the subconscious mind. The Moon #18 tarot reading interpret

The Devil # 15 Tarot

THE DEVIL #15 – MAJOR ARCANA Associate with element Earth, # 15, Planet Saturn and Sign Capricorn – This is the image of materialism and physical existence. The Devil #15 is a great pretender; he knows how to make the most of first impression- as well how to intimidate his

TEMPERANCE #14 Tarot – Major Arcana

TEMPERANCE #14 – MAJOR ARCANA Associated with # 14 – Element FIRE – Planet Jupiter – Sign Sagittarius – Reconciliation With Temperance showing in a tarot reading- patience- moderation and balance are now in your life. You have learned to keep calm in situations of great st

The Justice # 11 tarot

THE JUSTICE #11 – MAJOR ARCANA Associate with #11 – Element AIR – Sign Libra – Planet Venus Karma and the Law of Cause and Effect There is a need to be fair and just when you see the Justice tarot card in a reading. When everyone is ‘playing fair’ and adhering to the

The Emperor # 4 Tarot

THE EMPEROR # 4 – MAJOR ARCANA The Emperor # 4 Associated with # 4 – Element Fire – Sign ARIES – Planet MARS Control of the mind over the heart Aries rules the head, which means that authority requires a good headed personality. The Emperor # 4 is powerful and willful, he rules

The Empress # 3 Tarot

THE EMPRESS #3 – MAJOR ARCANA Associated with # 3 – Planet VENUS – Element EARTH Tarot reading interpretation for The Empress is associated with planet Venus is the archetypal Mother Nature, the Demeter, the feminine principle, and the goddess of fertility. Empress i

The High Priestess # 2 Tarot

THE HIGH PRIESTESS #2 – MAJOR ARCANA Associated with # 2 _ Planet MOON – Element WATER The High Priestess #2 card is also referred to as Persephone in the Greek Mythology and Artemis Goddess of chastity and virginity, Corn Maiden in the American Indian legend of the Goddes

The Magician # 1 Tarot

THE MAGICIAN #1 – MAJOR ARCANA The Magician is a card associated with # 1, the sign GEMINI, Planet MERCURY_ Element AIR Tarot reading interpretation for The Magician Tarot # 1  is one of  Logic- intellect and versatility. Any glimpse of inspiration or higher knowledge is brought