Tarot Cards Modern Psychology Link

Tarot Cards Modern Psychology Link Tarot Cards Modern Psychology Link Have you ever wondered how those Tarot card interpretations were derived? If you take a closer look particularly at the ones that are commonly used by Tarot readers of today, you’ll be amazed with the similarities t

Psychic Misunderstanding

Psychic Misunderstanding Nowadays SMI bombard people with a great variety of informational topics.  More often than not these topics are unrelated to the field of their expertise. Thus, an average person has a great difficulty processing and classifying this informational flood. This

Tarot Love

Tarot Love Many of my clients have the same complain, they can’t find love. Therefore I’m writing about this common subject for a love reading. Love is always a matter of magical endeavor… Tarot Love reading , will bring clarity to your soul. We live in an individualistic society wher

The Hermit # 9 Tarot

THE HERMIT #9 – MAJOR ARCANA Associated with # 9 – Element Earth – Sign Virgo – Planet Saturn  Duty and Service to others “The answer lies within, I need some space” The Hermit isn’t part of our collective consciousness, he loves to isolate himself and contemplate. He trails the