Out of Body Experience

  Traveling through time and space is not an easy process to a human being.  It can be done by leaving your physical body unmovable and be with astral form or in a spirit form of the body.  This phenomenon commonly occurs when we are sleeping and known as out of the body experien

The Meditation Path

Spiritual Wellness is a delicate matter involving beliefs and values that give a purpose in our lives. Whilst different individuals might have diverse views of what spiritualism is, this is usually considered to be the look for meaning and reason in human survival, leading one to stru

The Healing Power of Mother Earth

The Healing Power of Mother Earth Living this earthly life feels so good to me every moment I wake up at dawn. I always wake up to the welcoming fresh air and the lovely morning birds singing their charming tunes. This is what keeps me smiling all day. This is why I consider earth as

Healing Arts

In the modern times and contemporary era of technology and industrial revolution, the usual human problems are now accompanied by more difficult and challenging obstacles.  Before, life was simpler, such that you will never go hungry as long as you plant food on your backyard. You can

The Healing Power of Music

The Healing Power of Music is the immediate alternative to boost your frequency. Among many other virtues, listening to your favorite music will lower anxiety and improve focus and concentration. Music is much more powerful than you imagine. Music therapy is broadly defined as the use