The Spirit of Love on Valentine’s Day

The Spirit of Love on Valentine’s Day As Valentine’s Day approaches, the focus of love (or lack of) creeps into everyone’s consciousness. Like most holidays, commercial industries have inundated us with messages to purchase consumer goods while diminishing the true essence of the day&

The Spiritual Gift of Sex Has Divine Power

The Spiritual Gift of Sex Has Divine Power As spiritual beings inhabiting physical bodies, sex is one of the greatest gifts given to us by the Creator. It is the ultimate expression of bonding love and intimacy between lovers. In addition, it provides an opportunity for spiritual grow

Intuitive Reading

Intuitive reading is one of the vital requirements for healthy living. Intuitive and psychic operate at the same level, but the difference is that while psychic have to translate/process the insight received on the psychic plane into meaning at the real life, intuitive get a flash ins

The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense Do you believe in sixth sense? Observing a baby can give you a hint that there is an extraordinary things happening around us. Isn’t it strange a baby is laughing without someone is playing with them while their mother is busy doing the chores? Or, why they are suddenl

Perception is Speechless

  Perception is Speechless Have you ever experienced an event that you already know it happen before, or simply called it as “déjà vue”?   The future can be seen but not all can understand.   Seeing the future is not an ordinary event or an exercise that we, as an ordinary person

Psychic Scam

Literally, people often think that the psychic is terrible due to negative experience they encountered and heard about. And there are some individuals, who is faking or claiming psychics that adding awful reputation such as psychic reading that turns to wrong predictions. The question

Healing of Psychic Fears

Healing Psychic Fears are at most beneficial and rewarding.  People living their lives as psychics always view the world from a different angle and with a higher perception than normal. Their psychic abilities are what make them feel the world using their six senses. It’s this feeling

Ascending Energy

Ascending Energy  Ascension means raising your vibrations to a higher frequency. As the planet ascends to a higher vibration, all the inhabitants of Mother Earth: plants, trees, animals and humans are exposed to a New Consciousness. The waves of Ascension are taking place NOW, more th

Intuition is Non Linear Thinking

Intuition is Non Linear Thinking  Modern souls are today day-dreamers because they live in a brand new dimension, the 5th.Dimension. price for clomid Born with a New Consciousness, they think in a Non Linear way, meaning they thinking is non-sequential, random and full of complexity.

Healing Stress and Anxiety

Healing Stress and Anxiety In addition to multi-tasking, we have immersed ourselves and bought into the “American Dream.” Dream house, dream lover/spouse, dream career, dream children, or just a general dream life.  However, inexplicably, the dream does not materialize no matter how h