Feminine Energy Psychic Power on the Rise

Feminine energy Psychic Power on the Rise Feminine energy psychic power on the rise is also a moment of truth, an open door for change, a chance to make way for the new and the better. The year of 2017 has been one of great turmoil and change, both for the better and for the worse. Wh

Soul Mate Connection

Soul Mate Connection Modern science deals with much more than only with colliding subatomic particles.  It also studies other forms of energy by observing how biological cells can communicate with each other at a distance.  Because each protein has its own vibration frequency and mass

Aquarius Era – Air element

  Aquarius era – Air element   We are now in the Aquarius era – Air element, or the IT communications age.  Many times, browsing through social media, I’ve encountered an opinion that social media causes a decline of real communication.  People only post their ph

Mind Power- Aquarius Era

Mind Power – Aquarius era Aquarius era is the time of the mind power. This will bring the speed of thoughts with psychic abilities. It works as a new tool for spiritual awareness. Most noteworthy, everything in the Universe is constantly changing.  As a result, the switch in era

Intuitive Reading

Intuitive reading is one of the vital requirements for healthy living. Intuitive and psychic operate at the same level, but the difference is that while psychic have to translate/process the insight received on the psychic plane into meaning at the real life, intuitive get a flash ins

Intuitive Readings

What is intuitive reading? Well, intuitive readings do varying especially between the person giving the reading and the one having the reading. Nevertheless, it is all about reading extrasensory energies by a professional. It is worth noting that, every person has intuitive reading ca

Tarot Reading

Tarot reading for spiritual ascension is not a kind of a card game we usually play at home. This Tarot self-reading,  is the highest form of physical tools in determining the information from within, or simply, it is the physical form of communication with your intuition. The word ‘ta

Self Love Healing

Self Love Healing How do you feel when someone tells you they love you? It can be intimate love between couples, family love between the various members of a family, or love between friends. Even though intimate love is the one most commonly shared with words, the other types are norm

Healing with Meditation

Healing with Meditation Why can’t my brain just take a break?  My mind is constantly going.  I am having anxiety attacks increasing in frequency.  I feel so overwhelmed, drained, empty, dried to a crisp.  So much to do!                                                             Why s