Soul Mate Connection

Soul Mate Connection Modern science deals with much more than only with colliding subatomic particles.  It also studies other forms of energy by observing how biological cells can communicate with each other at a distance.  Because each protein has its own vibration frequency and mass

How to Move on in Life with Spiritual Healing

How to Move On In Life with Spiritual Healing There is one thing that you should know at this point: moving on is not going to be easy. You will read different things about the various things you are going to experience before you can finally say that you have moved on. It is always e

Why You Should Get Psychic Reading for Mother’s Day

Why You Should Get Psychic Reading for Mother’s Day There are some people who assume that psychics are people who are trying to dupe other people into paying them a lot of money. This can be blamed on swindlers who have assumed that they can get easy money from people who are gullible

Psychic Misunderstanding

Psychic Misunderstanding Nowadays SMI bombard people with a great variety of informational topics.  More often than not these topics are unrelated to the field of their expertise. Thus, an average person has a great difficulty processing and classifying this informational flood. This

Psychic Counselor

Psychic counselors conduct themselves accordingly. They do not claim that they can solve all your problems. They do not claim they can change your life for good – or make outrageous claims if you will pay them exorbitant amounts of money. Professional tarot readers generally hav

Tarot Love

Tarot Love Many of my clients have the same complain, they can’t find love. Therefore I’m writing about this common subject for a love reading. Love is always a matter of magical endeavor… Tarot Love reading , will bring clarity to your soul. We live in an individualistic society wher

The Knights

The Knights – Court cards –  are young men from 18 to 25 years old.   KNIGHT OF CUPS Ruled by Pisces, he/she is a sensitive soul. He is a poet – a lover of all things romantic and refined. He uses his imagination in wondrous ways and taps the deepest levels of e

The Hierophant # 5 Tarot

THE HIEROPHANT # 5 – MAJOR ARCANA Associated with # 5 _ Planet VENUS _ Sign TAURUS _ Element EARTH _ Also Pope or Pape, spiritual father in Latin The Romans saw Venus as an agricultural goddess of gardens and vineyards. Taurus is an Earth sign, and as such is connected to the bo

Genuine Psychic

Nowadays psychic field is gaining popularity in everyday life, mainly because of increased understanding of the benefits this field has to offer. As it is in the industry where prominent brands spun imitation, the increased demand in psychic therapy has led to scams artists penetratin


Increased knowledge in divine matters creates a deep sense of passion and personal delight, possibly because of the intimate nature of divinity or probably because of the infinity in divinity. Divine soul is an aspect of every individual, an essence that goes beyond the human reproach