Ten of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles – Minor Arcana The Ten of Pentacles tarot is a sign despite challenges and setbacks along the way. You will finally come to reach a point of completion and accomplishment in your journey. In an accurate psychic reading the Ten of Pentacles is a card of culminati

Nine of Pentacles

Nine of Pentacles – Minor Arcana The Nine of Pentacles indicates you have reached a point in your life. Where you are feeling self-confident, self-sufficient, independent and free. By acting on your own accord, you have attained: well-deserved success and may now enjoy money, le

Eight of Pentacles

Eight of Pentacles – Minor Arcana     The Eight of Pentacles symbolizes a concentrated determination to master a new skill being chosen as a new career path or creative undertaking. This card shows a diligent and hard-working attitude, and indicates. You are applying y

Seven of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles – Minor Arcana   On the Seven of Pentacles we see a man who has labored long and hard in his garden. The foliage is full, the blossoms are out – it seems that his work has paid off. Now he’s taking a break to admire his hard work. In a tarot r

Six of Pentacles

SIX OF PENTACLES – Minor Arcana In the Six of Pentacles we may have doubts. Are you the one giving or receiving? The one standing or on bended knee?  It is a card of extremes. This is a card of having or not having, superiority or inferiority, being appreciated or being used, te

Five of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles – Minor Arcana The Five of Pentacles points to a feeling of financial insecurity – or bankruptcy. As the image shows you have been left in the cold! Work can be either burdensome or non-existent when this card appears, and you may be feeling stuck. Know t

Four of Pentacles

FOUR OF PENTACLES – MINOR ARCANA Four of Pentacles relate to the material world it becomes rapidly obvious that this person is obsessed with money or his possessions.   This man sits on a stone seat with a town in the background. A Pentacle rests upon his head.  He holds another

Three of Pentacles

THREE OF PENTACLES – MINOR ARCANA Three of Pentacles deals with the importance of teamwork and its contribution in successfully reaching goals and completing projects on time. Three people stand close to a stone building that has all the appearances of a church. The young man st

Two of Pentacles

TWO OF PENTACLES – MINOR ARCANA In the Two of Pentacles tarot card, we can see that there is nothing quite like the feeling rich, graceful and active at the same time. On the Two of Pentacles we see a young man dancing as he juggles his worldly concerns. The infinity sign loops

Ace of Pentacles

ACE OF PENTACLES – MINOR ARCANA This Ace of Pentacles  shows in an almost silver sky, a hand emerges from a frothy cloud, holding a golden coin emblazoned with the pentacle. Beneath it is a flowering garden surrounded by a hedgerow with an open entrance leading out to a distant