The Spirit of Love on Valentine’s Day

The Spirit of Love on Valentine’s Day As Valentine’s Day approaches, The focus of love (or lack of) creeps into everyone’s consciousness. Like most holidays, commercial industries have inundated us with messages to purchase consumer goods while diminishing the true essence of the day&

Feminine Energy with Intuitive Power

 Feminine Energy  with Intuitive Power Ever since women have entered the workforce in large numbers, the problem of sexual harassment has gained a momentum of its own. Though women may be highly educated, have requisite qualifications and work shoulder to shoulder with men, almost 60%

Intuition Development Class – January 2014

Classes and Workshops- January 2014 “INTUITION DEVELOPMENT CLASS FOR THE NEW ERA HEALERS” (8 hour workshop)  This program is designed to give you the tools and strategies to tap into your inner psychic ability and achieve a more meaningful understanding of Spiritual Healin