Life coaching with Intuition

It is undoubted that we make our own realities through the choices we make, the thoughts we entertain, attitudes and beliefs we adopt. However, understanding this on an intellectual level isn’t enough and we have to actually walk the walk, and this brings in the importance of life cou

Clairaudient – Talk to me

Clairaudient – talk to me! Clairaudient – Talk to me, let me speak it out for you! Communication…do you really understand the meaning and power of this word? For communication to happen; there has to be two or more entities that are talking through the various ways, then b


  Perhaps you have a fear of loneliness during the holidays as many often do. You have several things at your disposal – join a community group – join a meetup group – keep your mind focused on replacing that fear with action. The lethality of loneliness can be