How to Strengthen Father – Daughter Relationships

As a father, you know that you love all of your children but you may feel more at ease hanging out and playing around with your sons. This is natural because it is easier to find things in common with your sons than your daughters. There is also a possibility that you are a bit intimi

Why People escape Commitment?

Are you escaping commitment? You feel like you cannot move on from your other exes ? You have a fear of opening your heart up to your partner ? You should acknowledge that Emotional Detachment is with you… Details about Dismissive Attachment Disorder People are all different fro

Intuitive Readings

What is intuitive reading? Well, intuitive readings do varying especially between the person giving the reading and the one having the reading. Nevertheless, it is all about reading extrasensory energies by a professional. It is worth noting that, every person has intuitive reading ca

Wokplace Mindfulness

Workplace Mindfulness Workplace Mindfulness can be defined as being moment-to-moment aware. Being aware is simply being in touch with yourself – your thoughts and your surroundings and reacting to them in a way as you would do were you on ‘autopilot’. Mindfulness at the workplac

Healing or Dying from a Belief

Belief is a state of mind that accepts something to be true and reliable even without proof.  This belief can be philosophical – ideological – religious or combination. Maybe we are not aware that belief-system is part of our daily life – we always apply it every day

The Power of Words

The Power of Words By themselves, words don’t comprise any value unless they put together with elegance to convey the meaning. Ideally, it would be to transmit and receive the necessary idea by itself, directly throughout the vibration.  A transmission could include even somethi

The New Consciousness

  The New Consciousness is all concerning finding the realism of who you are – regarding learning how to live your life with insight as well as with peace of mind and heart as you grow both personally and spiritually. Quantum physics is connected to consciousness. Holistic

Healing of Believes

Being sick is not the greatest thing that could happen to you and though you might see doctor after doctor you occasionally tend to discover that sometimes doctors could not heal you. This article would give you several insight into how believing in a Higher Power (call it God, Univer

Rewriting our Belief system

Spiritual awareness is the first step to rewrite our belief system. Rewriting your belief system is the main task you would perhaps face in moving from the kingdom of the standard or a little above average to celebrity producer. Your trust system is your film; your intuitive mind is y

Healing Power

Healing Power When a disease or any other form of hurt affects people, healing is something they will seek, wish, or pray for. As a result, there are various ways to healing; meditation, prayers, and meditation are the most popular. However, which of the methods are the most effective