Psychic Earth Day is a Celebration to Our Planetary Nurturing Mother

Psychic Earth Day is a Celebration to our Planetary Nurturing Mother Psychic Earth Day 22nd of April is the date the global community celebrates our beloved planet. Established almost three decades ago, Earth Day reminds us of the importance our home plays in our lives. Unless a scien

The Spiritual Gift of Sex Has Divine Power

The Spiritual Gift of Sex Has Divine Power As spiritual beings inhabiting physical bodies, sex is one of the greatest gifts given to us by the Creator. It is the ultimate expression of bonding love and intimacy between lovers. In addition, it provides an opportunity for spiritual grow

How to Move on in Life with Spiritual Healing

How to Move On In Life with Spiritual Healing There is one thing that you should know at this point: moving on is not going to be easy. You will read different things about the various things you are going to experience before you can finally say that you have moved on. It is always e

How to Strengthen Father – Daughter Relationships

As a father, you know that you love all of your children but you may feel more at ease hanging out and playing around with your sons. This is natural because it is easier to find things in common with your sons than your daughters. There is also a possibility that you are a bit intimi

Why People escape Commitment?

Are you escaping commitment? You feel like you cannot move on from your other exes ? You have a fear of opening your heart up to your partner ? You should acknowledge that Emotional Detachment is with you… Details about Dismissive Attachment Disorder People are all different fro

Tarot Cards Modern Psychology Link

Tarot Cards Modern Psychology Link Tarot Cards Modern Psychology Link Have you ever wondered how those Tarot card interpretations were derived? If you take a closer look particularly at the ones that are commonly used by Tarot readers of today, you’ll be amazed with the similarities t

Aquarius Mind Shift

Aquarius mind-shift – The millennials Changes are necessary and constant in the life cycle above and beyond the universe. Aquarius mind-shift brought the new people, the millennials.  Switching of ages gave big challenges to people constituted and involved in it. Entering the Ne

Self Love Healing

Self Love Healing How do you feel when someone tells you they love you? It can be intimate love between couples, family love between the various members of a family, or love between friends. Even though intimate love is the one most commonly shared with words, the other types are norm

Soul Economics

The soul is valuable to human that requires fostering and nurturing to attain maturity, prosperity and divinity.  Caring for soul needs to have keen observation of detailed conditions in life. Simple activities or things can be a contributing factor to the condition of one’s soul.  Ig

Healing Stress and Anxiety

Healing Stress and Anxiety In addition to multi-tasking, we have immersed ourselves and bought into the “American Dream.” Dream house, dream lover/spouse, dream career, dream children, or just a general dream life.  However, inexplicably, the dream does not materialize no matter how h