A Brand New Belief System

A brand new belief system

A brand new belief system

A brand new belief system

Our belief systems are an integral part of our spirituality and thus of our very being. They can be so strong, so all-encompassing – pervading each and every aspect of our daily life. This can, of course, be a good thing if the belief we hold is beneficial to us, if it makes us do good unto others and constantly put in that extra bit of effort to become a better version of ourselves. But what happens if some of our core beliefs are simply wrong? What if their effect is purely negative and if their influence on our existence is, dare we say, toxic? How are we to deal with this and is there a method to change such a deeply rooted aspect of our spirituality? Is there a way? Of course there is! Our soul is an ever-changing concoction of love, compassion, light and spiritual brilliance. We are programmed to believe certain things that are ultimately not beneficial to us. We ought to replace them with better creeds.

  • Our belief system claims that hard work will bring more money. Isn’t there a better way to phrase this? Smart (and not necessarily hard) work will bring more money.
  • Women belong in the kitchen? Of course not. You can be a high flying professional and take good care of the home.
  • Men must assume only the role of the provider? Not quite. A man ought to share household chores and can still be an excellent provider.
  • Jesus is the answer? Allah? Jehova? Not necessarily so. The answer is inside you. A higher power is residing within.
a brand new belief system

a brand new belief system

The truth of the matter is, any belief system is perfectly malleable and, as such, can be transformed in any way we see fit – preferably for the better. There are so many things we can change – if only we’d try. Say “yes” to what you really want. Find ways to relax your mind anywhere and anytime, and to connect with you spirit and your inner wisdom. Tap into your immense potential for love and creativity, abandon the old and embrace the new – and you will be on the path towards a new belief system and a new you.

A brand new belief system is needed to step forward in modern times.

A brand new belief system

A brand new belief system


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