The Knights

The Knights – Court cards –  are young men from 18 to 25 years old.





Ruled by Pisces, he/she is a sensitive soul. He is a poet – a lover of all things romantic and refined. He uses his imagination in wondrous ways and taps the deepest levels of emotion. On the negative side, this Knight is prone to be the day dreamer, with melodramatic moods. He’s too temperamental and takes offense easily, with a tendency to be manipulative.  You need to ask yourself, “Is this Knight’s energy helping or hurting?”

Are his/her feelings appropriate or excessive? Are your daydreams unrealistic? Is someone’s moodiness driving you crazy? Is your home life ruled by emotion rather than common sense? It may be time for a change.    Are you too restrained?

Let the Knight of Cups introduce you to his world of romance and beauty.




Ruled by Virgo, he/she moves very slowly, does not like risk and adventure, stays behind to analyze and contemplate. In love with details and always reading the small print!!!  They enjoy to work within existing systems and accomplish what people expect from them. He or she is the perfectionist, conservative and with traditions and quite old fashion family oriented. Love wise they are over concern with responsibility and duty that is involved in a relationship. If he or she is looking for love, it’s a clear that they need to vary their routine and try new things.




Ruled by Sagittarius. Energy, passion, lust, action, adventure, impulsiveness.  This card may indicate an event that enters your life quickly and unexpectedly.  He/she is the adventurer of the tarot deck, craving for philosophical and spiritual conquest. They simply charge forth with his ideas and visions to make things happen. Thus, the Knight of Wands suggests that your confidence levels will rapidly increase and you will feel ready to take on the world with your vision.  They are impulsive, restless and always on the move.  Looking for higher education, unstoppable, out of control and sometimes violent and destructive. His courage is incredibly strong and he/she has no fear of anything.   Be a pioneer and take calculated risks.




Ruled by Gemini. When positive, these people are fast like the wind!! Great communicators with ambition, determination and strength to succeed no matter what. On the negative side, they can be blind to potential challenges and consequences of their actions, and may charge forth into a dangerous territory without any foresight or preparation. They may also neglect to understand the needs of others as they fervently pursue their own goals.

They are fearless explorers full of ideas and imagination, very hyperactive, never in one place for long.

If you’re looking for love, it may come along when you least expect it but you have to be having some sort of contact with other people for the door to be open to this.

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