About Bea Kobran:

“The word “healer” is often misunderstood, with its many meanings and manipulations by the media and culture. But most medical doctors and scientists agree that somehow, some way, some people have these innate healing gifts; The Healer-Mind. I do apply to several healing modalities like: Theta-Healing, Yoga, Qiqong, Reiki, Chakra balancing, Fen-Shui, Meditation, Crystal Projection, to help others to understand that we need all to start realizing the power of the mind. These days I’m offering professional support on the emotional and physical trauma of the Planetary Ascension”.

Mindfulness is a way of finding peace in a frantic world, is reaching full awareness of what is happening in the present. Let us help you to live in the NOW and discover a contemplative mindset.
Bea Kobran, Psychic Reader in Margate, Coral Springs, FL

Psychic Reading

30 min

  • Psychic Reading

1 hour

  • Psychic Reading

Spiritual Healing in the New Age requires a deep psychic ability as well a skilled multi-dimensional light worker.

Private Readings

Counseling and Life-coaching Past Life, Energy Clearing Emotional Blockage Relieve Crystal Healing
In person in South Florida, by phone or webcam worldwide.
Fluent in Spanish- English and French

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