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Psychic Readings: $99.00/ 1 hour
Psychic Readings: $50.00/ 30 min


BusinessYou’ve done your technical analysis, calculated all the pros and cons and still are torn between several possible ways to go.

A PSYCHIC READING and the use of an Astrological Chart, Bea will help you to pick that best option and will put your mind at ease.


RelationshipYou’ve met a special guy. He is handsome, nice and fun. You are thinking of tying the knot. Yet you have this odd feeling, some kind of fear, or something that stops you. What if he or she’s not the right one?   Let’s find out!

Spiritual Healing

Finding_pathAs an intuitive healer, she will help to find the ways to clear your mind and elevate these impositions on your health.

She will enable you to cast a new look onto your life and obtain a more profound knowledge (inner wisdom) on things we’ve always known or add a new perspective to your old outlook. An experienced reader, Bea will offer you detailed answers to all your questions in a private consultation. There are many happy customers who can back up these words.

Psychic Readings: $99.00/ 1 hour

Psychic Readings: $50.00/ 30 min

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Bea Kobran

Bea, is PSYCHIC READER with many years of experience in relationship counseling, with insightful advice on happy and committed relationships. She might shed the light on old prejudices that stop you from enjoying your life or cause dissatisfaction and turmoil in your relationship. She will help you to let go of the old beliefs and fears that put additional load on your consciousness and manifest themselves as an additional stress.



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